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Welcome to Engineering Requirements Ltd (ERL).

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The primary focus of ERL is to provide you with professional safety and airworthiness personnel at a transparent and fair price.  To help ensure that only those with the requisite skills are offered to you as a customer, our specialists are assessed against the IET’s competency framework in the key areas of experience, academic knowledge and behaviours.

ERL believes the behaviours element is particularly important as we expect our engineers to be task driven and wholeheartedly customer focused.  Moreover, we require them to be team players and proactive leaders in their specialisation, willing to take responsibility and apply initiative to resolve your issues; leaving you to focus on other tasks.

People with these skills are rare because, not only do they need to be exemplary engineers with a breadth of experience, but also adept managers and confident leaders.  At ERL, however, we believe that providing specialist consultants with anything less is a risk to your programme and our reputation.

In the field of safety engineering, nothing should be left to chance.

      ERL offer the following services:

  • Safety Auditing including Organisational ISO18001 H&SMS and Certification

  • Safety Management System Development

  • Safety Risk Criteria Derivation based upon the ALARP principle

  • Derivation of System Development Requirements

  • Safety Risk Analysis and Evaluation using FTA, ETA, FFA, Hazops, FMECA etc.

  • Human Reliability Analysis using HEART and CREAM

  • Hazard Log Construction including the use of eCassandra

  • Safety Case Development and Complex Electronic Safety Integrity Argument Construction, using GSN or CAE compliant to legislation and guidance such as IEC 61508, ARP 4754, Def Stan 00-56, Mil Stan 882 and ISO 26262.

  • Accident and Incident Route Cause Analysis using tools such as STAMP and ACCI Maps.

  • Bid Response and Proposal Writing including Safety Effort Estimations.

  • Developing MOD MAA RA Compliant Configuration Systems including Modificaiton Management.

  • Guidance on EU and UK Legislation Compliance and CE Marking.

  • System Safety Training Package Development

  • Def Stan 970 Compliancy

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